Learning Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a soft tissue therapy, which administers changes to the mechanics
and function of the body. Developed by the late Tom Bowen, this modality has
received international acclaim.
The Fascial Kinetics course in Bowen Therapy was researched and developed by
Russell Sturgess and is one of the longest running training organization in Bowen Therapy.
Fascial Kinetics looks at the various relationships that exist within the body and
demonstrates how Bowen Therapy is able to assist in bringing harmony to these mechanical and
physiological relationships.
Fundamental to Fascial Kinetics is the belief that the healing achieved by a healer
is ultimately only a reflection of the healing achieved within the healer.
It’s not the technique, but the attitude that determines one’s success.
What sets Fascial Kinetics apart from the other modalities is that it balances the science
of healing with the art of healing. It supports both structure and function, and addresses the body,
mind and spirit.
The School of Fascial Kinetics teaches courses at the following levels: Introduction to Bowen
Therapy; Certificate IV in Bowen Therapy and Diploma of Bowen Therapy. The school is not a
RTO, but works in a partnership arrangement with a RTO to provide students with an
Australian government accredited qualification.
Contact details:
For more information about our course,
or for the name of a Fascial Kinetics practitioner in your area,
please contact Mark Hunter and Lynne Brown
PO Box 1318, Milton BC Qld 4064
0409 277 341
New Zealand:
PO Box 316, Queenstown NZ 9348
03 4411378
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School of Fascial Kinetics
Principals: Lynne Brown & Mark Hunter
Contact: 0409 277341 or email